Predictive analytics and machine learning to take agribusiness to the next level.

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Big Data, Big Yields

Empower the farmers through technology

We offer accurate crop diagnosis in real time. We connect farmers and agricultural inputs providers in a one stop shop marketplace. We are closing the gap in the agriculture supply chain, improving farmers’ bottom line, increasing their productivity while reducing their operating cost.

Make Your Farm Smart

Customized sustainable agricultural practice advice

AgroZone calculates the exact type, quantity and mix of agro inputs and crop disease control measures for a maximum of yield potential. AgroZone gives farmers direct access to buyers, inputs companies and lenders. It also provides, in real time, an accurate weather forecast, commodity prices and best practices information.

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  • Make Your Farm Safe

    AgroZone, through a Predictive Algorithm using image recognition, provides a compelling level of accuracy in diagnosis and suggestion of appropriate crop treatment. AgroZone evaluates also the weather, soil, geo-localization and it identifies crop health issues. As a result it suggests, in real time, sustainable agricultural practices, a mix of agro-inputs and crop disease control measures, helping to boost the maximum potential yields.


  • Fernando/

    Fernando Derossi

    Board Director

    MIT Sloan Fellow MBA ’16. 10 Years Leading Businesses & Teams. Sr. Manager, Syngenta Agro, BASF Agro and GE-Capital. MSc in Strategic Management.

  • Josh/

    Josh Joseph,Ph.D.

    Technology Director

    MIT Ph.D.’14 Aero/Astro. 9 Years Creating Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence Models and Software. BS Applied Mathematics.

  • MaxZ/

    Max Zuloaga

    Systems Director

    MIT MSc System Design ‘16. Quality Mgr & Commodity Trader at Agro-company. MSc Finance – BS Industrial Engineering

  • Dora/

    Dora Salvan

    Marketing & Communication

    Dora has over 10 years of experience in Corporate Communication, PR & Events and a great understanding of Agribusiness industries.

  • Gbemi/

    Gbemi Munis

    Operations & Software

    MIT Sloan Fellow MBA ‘16. Systems Engineer at Cisco. BS + MSc in Computer Engineering.

  • John/

    John Gallagher

    Product Developer

    MIT Sloan Fellow MBA ‘16. 15 years Leading R&D Programs U.S. Navy & US Dept. of Defense. BS Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.

  • Ortega/

    David Ortega

    Software Developer

    David has over 10 years of experience as a Software Product Manager for large firms. In 2014, David started focusing on Mobile App Development.

Advisory Board

  • Roberto/

    Roberto Rigobon

    MIT Professor, International Economics & Big Data Founder Billion Prices Project Co-Founder Price Stats

  • David/

    David Hughes

    Board member of “Granular” US Farm Software Company, President of Argentrigo (Wheat Supply Chain Association in Argentina)

  • Francisco/

    Francisco Resnicoff

    General Director - International Relations. Government of Buenos Aires, ARG. Agriculture Public Policy Experience. Agribusiness Family Partner and investor.

  • Krasnow/

    K. Krasnow Waterman

    Former COO for FBI Former CIO, US Department of Justice. Expert in Cybersecurity, IT & Intelligence in Big Data

  • Ignacio/

    Ignacio Negri

    COO Mississippi Delta Farm Group. Partner at Chess Agricultural Investments. Former Technical Head BASF.

  • Eduardo/

    Eduardo Casarini

    Extensive experience in the online business. Co-Founder, CEO and Board Member of Flores Online. Angel Investor.

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